James Wan

Engineering Systems and Design (ESD)

James Wan

James Wan

Assistant Professor

Tel: +65 6499 4781
Website: http://people.sutd.edu.sg/~james_wan/

Pillar / Cluster: Engineering Systems and Design 8 Somapah Road Building 1 Level 7 Singapore 487372


James earned a BSc degree with Honours from the University of Melbourne, and a PhD from the University of Newcastle, both in mathematics. His research interests span special functions, experimental mathematics, and number theory. He has published a number of papers on random walks, and co-authored a book on lattice sums. He has taught a wide range of mathematical courses in Australia, and currently teaches Advanced Mathematics II and Statistics at SUTD.

Selected Publications

  • J. M. Borwein, D. Nuyens, A. Straub and J. Wan, Some arithmetic properties of short random walk integrals, Ramanujan Journal 26 (2011), 109-132
  • J. M. Borwein, A. Straub and J. Wan, Three-step and four-step random walk integrals, Experimental Mathematics 22 (2013), 1-14
  • J. M. Borwein, A. Straub, J. Wan and W. Zudilin, with an appendix by D. Zagier, Densities of short uniform random walks, Canadian Journal of Mathematics 64 (2012), 961-990
  • H. H. Chan, J. Wan and W. Zudilin, Legendre polynomials and Ramanujan-type series for 1/pi, Israel Journal of Mathematics 194 (2013), 183-207
  • J. Wan and W. Zudilin, Generating functions of Legendre polynomials: a tribute to Fred Brafman, Journal of Approximation Theory 164 (2012), 488-503
  • H. H. Chan, J. Wan and W. Zudilin, Complex series for 1/pi, Ramanujan Journal 29 (2012), 135-144
  • D. Borwein, J. M. Borwein, M. L. Glasser and J. Wan, Moments of Ramanujan’s generalized elliptic integrals and extensions of Catalan’s constant, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 384 (2011), 478-496
  • D. Borwein, J. M. Borwein, J. Wan and A. Straub, Log-sin evaluations of Mahler measures II, Integers 12A (2012), #A5, 30 pages
  • J. Wan, Moments of products of elliptic integrals, Advances in Applied Mathematics 48 (2012), 121-141
  • J. Wan, Some notes on weighted sum formulae for double zeta values. Proc. of the Int. Number Theory Conf. in Memory of Alf van der Poorten (2013), in Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 43 (2013), 361-379


  • J. M. Borwein, R. C. McPhedran, M. L. Glasser, J. Wan and I. J. Zucker, Lattice sums: then and now, Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications 150, Cambridge University Press, in: Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications 150, Cambridge University Press (2013)

Research Interests

  • Special functions

  • Number theory

  • Classical analysis

  • Experimental mathematics

  • Computer algebra

  • Lattice sums