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2103, 2024

Caroline Chaux (International Research Laboratory on Artifical Intelligence (IPAL)) – Unrolled Networks in Signal and Image Processing

In this talk, we will be interested in inverse problems arising in the signal and image processing [...]

1403, 2024

Qiang Huang (University of Southern California) – Infer and Control Effects of Lurking Variables for 3D Printing Quality Control

In physical experiments, the response of a process or system can be affected by three categories of [...]

1303, 2024

Max Li (University of Michigan) – Data-Driven Modeling and Optimization Methods for Current and Future Airspace Users

In this presentation, Max will cover some ongoing and recently completed projects at LATTICE, [...]

2902, 2024

Jeremy Heng (ESSEC Business School) – Diffusion Schrödinger Bridge with Applications to Score-Based Generative Modeling

Progressively applying Gaussian noise transforms complex data distributions to approximately [...]

2202, 2024

Nitish Ramkumar (London Stock Exchange Group) – Present and Future of Financing Net-Zero Transition

According to a UN report from 2022, time is running out to limit temperature rises to 1.5C by 2050. [...]

1502, 2024

Modern societies are built on large-scale, complex engineered systems. At Engineering Systems and Design, we’re equipping students and researchers to design, analyse and manage these critical systems for a better world.

Lynette Cheah, Acting Head of ESD Pillar

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For Potential ESD Students: All of SUTD’s degrees are significantly broader than their counterpart degrees in traditional universities. For prospective students, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the lines between ESD and the [...]

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The ESD undergraduate curriculum is concerned with the design, analysis, and management of large scale complex engineering systems such as supply chains, financial services, health care delivery systems, transportation systems, security and defense systems, energy production and distribution systems.

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