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2610, 2021

Tiandong Wang (Texas A&M University) – Asymptotic Dependence of In- and Out-Degrees in a Preferential Attachment Model with Reciprocity

Reciprocity characterizes the information exchange between users in a network, and some empirical [...]

1910, 2021

Hamza Fawzi (University of Cambridge) – Convex relaxations for entropy optimization problems

Entropy optimization problems arise in many areas of engineering and science, notably in [...]

510, 2021

Tien Mai (Singapore Management University) – Choices Are Not Independent: Stackelberg Security Games with Nested Quantal Response Models

We introduce the use of the nested logit model in Stackelberg security games which addresses a [...]

Simulation Modelling and Analysis Course Project Showcase 2020

  January 22nd, 2021

Come step into the world of dynamical system simulation and see what our students can imagine and [...]

ESD Summer Newsletter 2020

  July 9th, 2020

[Click here to download the newsletter] [...]

ESD Games

  July 8th, 2020

This SUTD module is a collection of interactive games and simulations to illustrate concepts in [...]

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Engineering Systems and Design deals broadly with large-scale systems and the design, the planning and the management of these systems.

Peter Jackson, Head of ESD Pillar

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Our ESD graduates are equipped with core skills in probability, optimisation, statistics, modelling, analytics and economics.

Undergraduate Programme

The ESD undergraduate curriculum is concerned with the design, analysis, and management of large scale complex engineering systems such as supply chains, financial services, health care delivery systems, transportation systems, security and defense systems, energy production and distribution systems.

For Industry Partners

In ESD, we engage actively with industry to ensure the relevance of our programmes, and contribute to industry needs, such as providing expertise and building the talent pool.

Focus Tracks

The ESD undergraduate program has been designed with flexibility in mind, so that students can customize their courses to suit their interests and future careers.

Research Projects

A selection of current ESD research projects.

PhD Programme

The ESD PhD program aims to produce the next generation of leading engineering systems researchers and thinkers.

About ESD

Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) is one of four academic pillars at SUTD.