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112, 2023

Yan Shuo Tan (National University of Singapore) – Understanding and Overcoming the Statistical Limitations of Decision Trees

Decision trees are important both as interpretable models, amenable to high-stakes decision-making, [...]

2411, 2023

Anish Agarwal (Columbia University) – Causal Tensor Completion

We introduce a framework to formally connect causal inference with tensor completion. In [...]

1511, 2023

Michael Choi (National University of Singapore) – Markov Chains + X: Markov Chain Entropy Games and the Geometry of their Nash Equilibria

Consider the following two-person mixed strategy game of a probabilist against Nature with respect [...]

2510, 2023

Ariel Neufeld (Nanyang Technological University) – Markov Decision Processes under Model Uncertainty

In this talk we introduce a general framework for Markov decision problems under model uncertainty [...]

1610, 2023

Assistant Professor Karthyek Murthy Wins INFORMS Best Publication Award 2023

Assistant Professor Karthyek Murthy, Engineering Systems and Design (ESD), has won the 2023 Best [...]

Modern societies are built on large-scale, complex engineered systems. At Engineering Systems and Design, we’re equipping students and researchers to design, analyse and manage these critical systems for a better world.

Lynette Cheah, Acting Head of ESD Pillar

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Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) is one of four academic pillars at SUTD.

Undergraduate Programme

The ESD undergraduate curriculum is concerned with the design, analysis, and management of large scale complex engineering systems such as supply chains, financial services, health care delivery systems, transportation systems, security and defense systems, energy production and distribution systems.

PhD Programme

The ESD PhD program aims to produce the next generation of leading engineering systems researchers and thinkers.

Undergraduate Programme FAQ

For Potential ESD Students: All of SUTD’s degrees are significantly broader than their counterpart degrees in traditional universities. For prospective students, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the lines between ESD and the [...]

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Our ESD graduates are equipped with core skills in probability, optimisation, statistics, modelling, analytics and economics.

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The ESD undergraduate program has been designed with flexibility in mind, so that students can customize their courses to suit their interests and future careers.