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40.015 Simulation Modelling and Analysis Projects (Fall 2021)

The objective of Simulation Modelling and Analysis (SMA) course is to train students identify complex engineering systems which could be analysed using simulation models, get a taste of various simulation methodologies, build models and critically evaluate competing design alternatives using appropriate statistical techniques.

The SMA project takes the students through a wholesome journey beginning from choosing a real-world system for their study. They then work intensely in teams collecting data, building a suitable simulation model, offering critical comparison with competing design alternatives, etc. based on the needs of their project. A flexible grading scheme, which recognises different project choices may entail different efforts in the above steps, empower students to give a real go at the problem of their choice without having worry about grades. These videos show only a small subset of the impressive collection of projects that the students have managed to produce.

Project List

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