I am thankful for how ESD structures our education with an emphasis on industrial relevancy. The foundation of mathematical modelling and analytical skills equipped me with the right skill set to convert systems problems into solvable mathematical models. Furthermore, the multitude of industrial partnerships fostered an appreciation of academic knowledge through real world application. Hence, I am confident that the rigorous training in ESD has laid the groundwork for me to build a better working world with EY.

Tan Kwan Fu, Class of 2018, ESD Alumni, Tax Associate, EY

The ESD curriculum is structured to equip undergraduates with the technical analytics skills and mathematical knowledge necessary to decipher data in modelling and analysing systems. This is greatly relevant as the abundance of data in the knowledge era provides an opportunity to make informed decisions that impact a wide range of industries.

A systems data perspective coupled with technical analytics skills has helped me at my first job at Accenture, as a Digital Business Integration Analyst. My current role at Accenture translates data to inform business decisions in building a cloud-based, customer-centric system. Each project presents a different context in which data could be interpreted, which is a testament to how data analytics is widely applicable and sought after in many industries.

Jolene Quek, Class of 2017, ESD Alumni, Digital Business Integration Analyst, Accenture Digital