We have been working with ESD since 2017. We are always very impressed with the quality work that the students have presented, as well as the creativity that they have demonstrated. The students are proactive, they give us fresh insights or new ways to look at the data which help our business identifies potential business opportunities.

Car Club Pte. Ltd.

Emily was given a problem statement from one of our associated services. She was able to identify the key issues by analysing the operational processes, created workflow diagrams and proposed solutions to improve them. When Emily was presenting her work to the Senior Management, she was able to present well and answer challenging questions posed to her during the presentation.

Singapore Manufacturing Federation

Mirabel has demonstrated her ability to grasp technologies and learn things quickly. She has an impressive record in obtaining four technical certifications within five months after joining the team. Mirabel has applied her data analytics and machine learning skills to create a more adaptive model which better predicts demands and optimises the inventory management during COVID-19 times.

Google Cloud

The ESD graduates’ ability to dive into the details has helped us in analyzing the problems that we face. Their creative mindset to think out of the box has helped us to see new opportunities and changed our mindset to adapt to the new normal. The technical skills and capabilities combined with their motivation, flexibility, eagerness to learn, and open mind to seek solutions are certainly the qualities that we look for.


This is the third year that we are hiring fresh graduates from SUTD for our highly selective management trainee program (RadGrad program). The ESD graduates have impressed us with their excellent data analytical skills, cross-functional knowledge, and great adaptability into our fast-paced business environment during the one-year intensive rotation and training program. They have emerged as the young, future leaders of RedMart and we are confident that they will continue to contribute to the success of the company in the future. We hope to keep on attracting the top talents from ESD in the years to come.


Michelle Loke has been a valuable asset to the Strategic Planning division. She has shown great passion and drive for her work. With her strong analytical sense, Michelle has ensured quality analysis work. In addition to being a fast learner, she does not shy away from challenges. She is also resourceful and meticulous, and offers alternative perspective to the various issues in her work.

Land Transport Authority

Ms Noon Teo thrived under the YCH Scholarship Programme, seizing the many opportunities to immerse herself in various roles of operation and regional business solutions for the company. SUTD has prepared her well to excel in the multiple projects she manages. A well rounded team player, Noon’s conscientious attitude sees her constantly looking at ways to do things more efficiently. Her agile and ready to learn mindset also enables her to adopt new technologies readily in the new frontiers that she is exposed to.

YCH Group