The data analytics track is offered in conjunction with the ISTD pillar and focuses on data driven decision-making. ESD students take a selection of ESD electives and ISTD courses to better understand the interaction between data, models, and decisions.

The data analytics track will include aspects of computation and programming, which are central competencies required for manipulation and analysis of large scale data. ESD has worked closely with ISTD to ensure that the following ISTD courses will be approachable to ESD students even without the stated prerequisites for the course. Students interested in pursuing the business analytics focus track should contact the course instructor if they have concerns.

Required courses:

  • 50.007 Machine Learning
  • 40.220 The Analytics Edge

Select one from:

  • 50.004 Introduction to Algorithms
  • 50.008 Database
  • 50.021 Artificial Intelligence

Note that 50.007, 50.004 and 50.008 are all offered in the Sept-Dec term. Because the nominal ESD schedule has only a single elective and 50.007 (as a required course for the focus track) fills this elective slot, students wishing to take 50.004 or 50.008 should work closely with a faculty advisor.

For more information regarding the Business Analytics focus track, please contact Karthik Natarajan and Shaowei Lin.

Focus Track Schedule

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Students who complete the requirements for the Business Analytics focus track are eligible to win the Teralytics Business Analytics Award.