Energy & Environment

The energy and environment track highlights the assessment of sustainable improvements to electricity generation and distribution as well as our impact on the environment through analytic tools and methods. Courses will introduce methods to evaluate the life-cycle cost of a product, service, or process, yielding its net effect on the environment. We cover the relevant policy issues, such as trade-and-cap emission rules, and social trends that are intimately tied with our scenario projections of the future as well as the economic impact of environmental regulations.

For more information regarding the Energy & Environment focus track, please contact Lynette Cheah or Stefano Galelli.

01.102 Energy Systems

Broadly, this course aims to acquaint students with both the operation and economics of modern...

40.230 Sustainable Engineering

Sustainable engineering is the integration of social, environmental, and economic considerations in the design of...

40.232 Water Resource Management

The goal of this course is to develop basic skills and knowledge for modeling, managing...

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