Financial Services

The financial services track is designed for students who are interested in careers in the securities, banking, and financial management and consulting industries, or as quantitative analysts in corporate treasury and finance departments of general manufacturing and service firms. The track-specific courses will cover portfolio theory, derivatives valuation, and financial risk analysis, complementing the core courses in stochastic processes, optimization, simulation, and statistics.

For more information regarding the Financial Services focus track, please contact Jingnan Chen and Bikramjit Das.

40.240 Finance Theory

This course will focus on the financial theory of asset pricing. While this course will...

40.242 Mathematical Finance

Introduction to the theory and practice of mathematical finance: basics of derivative securities; interest rate...

40.244 Stochastic Calculus for Finance

This course will provide an introduction to stochastic processes often seen in financial applications. Stochastic...

40.246 Computational Methods in Finance

This course will serve as a follow up to 'Financial Processes' taught in the first...

Focus Track Schedule

SUTD-ITI@SMU Partnership and Certification

Through SUTD’s partnership with the International Trading Institute at SMU (ITI@SMU), SUTD is able to offer the following additional courses to our students.

Students completing all four of these courses (composed of two credit and two non-credit courses) will receive an SUTD/ITI@SMU Trading Associate Programme (TAP) Certificate. This certificate signifies the acquisition of fundamental knowledge relevant to Singapore’s trading sector, with an emphasis on commodities trading.

In the future we plan to expand our catalogue of credit and non-credit courses offered through this strategic partnership.

45.240 Trade Finance

The course will allow participants to appreciate various trade finance products (traditional and structured trade...

45.242 Shipping Business

This course helps students to identify the elements common to all sectors of Shipping. In...

Students who complete the requirements for the Financial Services focus track are eligible to win the Citi Financial Services Award.