The ESD curriculum prepares students well for advanced studies beyond the undergraduate level. ESD graduates will qualify for a wide range of local and international graduate programmes in operations research, industrial engineering, systems engineering, business (e.g. operations management, finance and marketing), economics, statistics, and public policy.

Here are some examples of local and international institutions where our graduates have pursued advanced degrees, and the graduate programmes they have undertaken.

  • Master of Biostatistics (Yale)
  • Master of Engineering in Computational Science and Engineering (Harvard)
  • Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (UC Berkeley)
  • Master of IT in Business (Analytics) (SMU, Singapore)
  • Master of Science in Computation for Design and Optimisation (MIT, USA)
  • Master of Science in Innovation (SMU, Singapore)
  • Master of Science in Management Science (LSE, UK)
  • Master of Science in Operations Research and Information Engineering (Cornell, USA)
  • Master of Science in Statistics and Operational Research (Edinburgh)
  • Master of Science in Technology and Policy (MIT, USA)
  • Master of Science in Transportation (MIT, USA)
  • Masters in Management (SMU, Singapore)
  • PhD in Computer Science (NUS)
  • PhD in Engineering Systems and Design (SUTD, Singapore)
  • PhD in Industrial & Systems Engineering and Operations Research (UMN, USA)
  • PhD in Operations Management (Kellogg, USA)
  • PhD in Operations Research (NUS, Singapore)