During their freshmore term, each SUTD student is assigned an academic advisor. Once students join Engineering Systems & Design, they will be assigned an ESD mentor to advise them through the coursework, research, and internships that are part of their pillar-year studies. These advisors will be chosen to compliment the students’ areas of interest so as to better address both scholastic and career-oriented questions that might arise.

Entrepreneurship is one of the many ways to combine technology, passion, and design. University offers a safe, supportive environment to explore entrepreneurship. SUTD fosters a fertile ground of innovation with excellent physical and digital prototyping facilities, entrepreneurship seminars, 5th row educational activities, and financial support opportunities through research projects or competitions. ESD specifically has several pillar-year elective courses that provide instruction on business aspects of creating and running a company.

A large variety of undergraduate research opportunities exist within ESD. Whether a formal UROP (Undergraduate Research OPportunity) lead by our world-class faculty, or a student-initiated research project advised by our faculty, or a solely student-driven project, the resources, fabrication facilities, and funding are all available to pursue these aspirations. Undergraduate research is an excellent way to apply the methods learned in our classes to real world problems. Our faculty have broad experience and interest in a variety of fields including financial markets, transportation, green energy, health care, and manufacturing.

ESD graduates will be well prepared to further their education in a Masters or PhD programme. Students who are potentially interested in graduate-level education can explore the academic research environment through the various undergraduate research opportunities.