Water distribution systems are large infrastructures that are typically monitored and controlled with the aid of networked devices, such as smart sensors, PLCs, and other industrial control systems. These devices largely increase the reliability and efficiency of water systems, but also expose them to cyber- attacks, namely malicious actions aimed to disrupt the functioning of networked devices and, ultimately, the service provided by the water system. Can analytics disclose the presence of cyber-attacks? In the Water Resources Management project, students will work in group of 3-4 students, and will be tasked with the design and implementation of an attack detection system: given a few observational datasets, students will be required to develop and attack detection algorithm that (1) discloses the presence of an attack in the shortest possible time and (2) keeps false alarms to a minimum. The algorithm will be implemented and tested in the R computing environment.

The Sembcorp Water Resources Management Project Award 2018 seeks to recognise the top Water Resources Management project team who has developed the best quality of both solution (i.e., accuracy of the detection algorithm) and report in the 40.016 The Analytics Edge course offered by the Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) pillar.


All project teams who have completed the Water Resources Management project in the 40.016 The Analytics Edge course.

Benefits of award

A cash prize of $1,500.


The award will be given to the Water Resources Management project team who has the highest score. Selection of the recipient will be made by faculty teaching the course at the end of the term.

This award is made possible by

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