• The Minor in Engineering Systems will allow students to combine technical depth in either ISTD or EPD with expertise in the tools of technology management (operations research and engineering systems). Graduates with this minor will become engineers equipped with both technical depth in their chosen discipline and exposure to more broad-based systems and managerial viewpoints from the ESD curriculum.

Planning for Minor Study

  • The Engineering Systems minor consists of a collection of five (5) subjects required by ESD.
  • The minor is open only to EPD and ISTD students from Term 5 in 2019 onwards.
  • The minor will be accorded upon successful completion of the required subjects by Term 8. No extension beyond Term 8 is allowed.
  • Students must declare their intention to enrol in the minor to the Office of Student Administration and the pillars involved (i.e. their pillar and ESD) at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of Term 5. Students should note that the add/drop period and related policies apply to minor-related and additional fifth subjects.

Fulfilling Minor Requirements

  • Students with CGPA of 4.25 and above who have passed all twelve (12) Freshmore subjects at the point of subject enrolment in Terms 5 and 6 may take an additional fifth subject or exceed the term credit limit to a maximum of sixty (60) subject credits to fulfil minor requirements in those stated terms.
  • Students will need to seek the approval of their pillar as well as ESD, and submit a formal request to the Office of Student Administration (OSA) before registering for the additional subject.
  • The eligible student may also take one (1) minor-related subject by using an elective slot in either Term 7 or 8.


  • Students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.25 and passed all twelve (13) Freshmore subjects at the point of declaring their intention to pursue the Engineering Systems minor.
  • Students pursuing the minor will be subject to admissions criteria based on GPA, and performance in Freshmore mathematics classes.
  • Students who are deemed to be unable to complete the coursework by Term 8 will not be allowed to pursue the minor.

Curriculum Structure

  • Pre/Co-requisite: 30.003/50.034 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • Mandatory: 40.002 Optimisation (Taken in Pillar’s Term 6)
  • ESD Electives: Choose at least two (2) subjects from:
Spring (Term 5) Summer (Term 8) Fall (Term 6)

40.012 Manufacturing and Service Operations

40.014 Engineering Systems Architecture

40.316 Game Theory

40.015 Simulation Modelling and Analysis

40.220 The Analytics Edge

  • ISTD/EPD Electives: Choose up to twenty-four (24) credits from:
    • 50.021 Artificial Intelligence
    • 50.038 Computational Data Science
    • 30.114 Advanced Feedback and Control
    • 30.115 Digital Signal Processing
    • 30.123 Healthcare Product Design
    • 30.117 Electric Power Systems Analysis and Design
    • 30.201 Wireless Communications
    • 30.111 Entrepreneurship
    • 01.112 Machine Learning

Grading Requirements

  • In order to graduate with the Engineering Systems minor, students must complete at least thirty-four (34) subjects or the equivalent of forty-eight (48) subject credits and successfully fulfil all pillar, minor and graduation requirements.
  • Subjects taken to complete the minor shall be graded and computed into the GPA.
  • Unless a minimum passing grade is stated by the pillar, the minimum passing grade shall be a D.
  • Non-letter grading options cannot be used for the minor.

Withdrawal from Minor Study

  • Should the student not complete or withdraw from the minor programme, the student’s major pillar may, at its sole discretion, allow the additional fifth subject(s) successfully completed in the previous term(s) for the discontinued minor to be counted towards the pillar degree requirements.
  • Grades earned to complete the minor shall still be computed towards the GPA after the student’s withdrawal.

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