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SUTD Honour’s Lists

Congratulations to our ESD students for having clinched the Honours List!

Year 2023

Sophomore and Junior Years

  • Anirudh Bharadwaj

  • Boey Sze Min, Jeanelle

  • Chai Yu Cheng, Raynard

  • Ethan Leng Chuanzhi

  • Ezra Lerh Zi Hui

  • Hon Xue Yi

  • Hung Fong Ching Hillman

  • Joash Tan Jia Le

  • Ong Jun Da

Past Honour’s List

Team / Personal Achievements

Congratulations for receiving these awards!

SEA Games 2023

Foo Wenxin (ESD Junior) was awarded Gold Medal for Women’s Floorball during SEA Games 2023

(Left 1st, 2nd and 4th) Chan Wei Jie Ivan, Kwa Yu Liang, Loy Xing Jun

Julius Baer x Tenity Intrapreneurship Program 2023

A group of SUTD students, Chan Wei Jie Ivan (CSD Junior), Kwa Yu Liang (ESD Junior), and Loy Xing Jun (ESD Junior), participated in an intrapreneurship challenge for bank Julius Baer and was awarded 1st prize and a 12-month fully paid intrapreneurship program with the company.

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Inter-Collegiate Cup (ICC) (March 2023)

Chong Shuting (ESD Senior) was a member of the Women's Tchoukball team that clinched the 1st Runner-up position for the Inter-Collegiate Cup (ICC) that was held in March 2023.

(Left to right)Tan Zen Sheen, Claudia Lai, Tan Shu Yi.

Youth Action Challenge Season 4 (Oct 2022 – Feb 2023)

A group of SUTD students, Tan Zen Sheen (ESD Senior), Claudia Lai (DAI Senior), Tan Shu Yi (ESD Senior), Reina Peh (ESD Senior) and Darren Chow (EPD Senior) joined the Youth Action Challenge Season 4 (Oct 2022 – Feb 2023). Their project Silver Online Service (under the Support for the Vulnerable Groups theme) was awarded a total grant of S$11,000.

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(Left to right) Justin Wong Wei Jin, Emily Chee Qin Ning, Tee Yue Wan, Ng Qiao Wen, Ng Xue Min.

Accenture University Innovation Challenge 2023

A group of SUTD students, Justin Wong (ESD Junior), Emily Chee (ESD Junior), Tee Yue Wan (ESD Junior), Ng Qiao Wen (ESD Junior), and Ng Xue Min (ISTD Junior) joined the Accenture innovation challenge in January 2023. The problem statement was “How might we help the travel and hospitality industry reduce carbon emissions”. The challenge spanned over two weeks, and the team was assigned a mentor, Ishan Girdhar who patiently gave them insightful feedback and prepared them for the final presentation/pitching to the judges. The team emerged as one of the finalists out of six groups. Through this event, the students gained more exposure to Accenture’s culture and networked with many like-minded individuals. All of them had a return offer for Fall Internship 2023 with Accenture.

Player of the Year Award 2022

Chirag Shivakumar (ESD Senior) was a member of Singapore Cricket Club and was awarded the "Player of the Year" award for 2022, reflecting on his entire 2022 season performances.

Singapore University Games (SUniG) 2022

Chong Shuting (ESD Senior) was a member of the Champion team who won the Women's Tchoukball Competition, Singapore University Games (SUniG) 2022 (mid-Sep to mid-Oct 2022)

Past Achievements