This project examines an existing Kaggle dataset containing sales records of a supermarket company in Myanmar. The company has branches in major Burmese cities, such as Naypyitaw, Mandalay and Yangon; it sells products across divergent categories, from fashion to consumer electronics to food and beverages. Our goal is to model the demand and derive a suitable delivery schedule for each of the company’s product category in each city.

We assume a central warehouse from which products are dispatched to the 3 cities. The analysis consists of 3 steps:

  1. Investigating possible demand interactions across product lines and cities with ANOVA
  2. Modeling demands using the Gamma distribution and performing goodness-of-fit tests
  3. Applying the Multi-period Newsvendor Model to find suitable period lengths and quantities for restock deliveries

Team Members

  • Ilya Haider

  • Kua Yi Jie Isaac

  • Ang Jian Yu Kenny

  • Faheem Zuhairi

  • Ong Yao Jun Timothy

  • Nguyen Hoai Nam

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