Ace Manpowers is an Human Resource(HR) solutions provider organization which specializes into various HR services and solutions. Currently it is facing an issue that some of the employed engineers would have a period of time without assigned projects, this results in unnecessary expenses incurred to the company. In our project, we are supposed to come out a strategy to optimise recruiting plan. For the MSO part, we will be modelling the scenario into a Q,R model and an EOQ model with different assumptions, given related datasets giving by the company. For statistics part, we will be trying to analyse the project details, for instance, daily existing project numbers, new upcoming projects and new completed projects, etc., in order to give a reasonable human-source demand prediction. Thus, we will be applying testing hypothesis, prediction interval and regression model to solve this practical problem.

Team Members

  • Dong Yizhi

  • He Jiabei

  • Lan Xiaojing

  • Li Xingyun

  • Liu Jiajun

  • Yang Peng

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