MyNoNNa’s is a social enterprise restaurant situated in SUTD that sells Italian food. They aim to hire special needs people to equip them with retail service skills to enable them to secure employment in future. Currently, Geri, the CEO, handles the physically task of purchasing vegetables twice a week for their dishes, leaving her with less time to do just about everything else. As such, the goal of our project is to come up with a shopping list with the quantities, so that she will have sufficient vegetables each week with only one purchase, or if possible, to allow her to be able to do a bulk order so she doesn’t have to do the shopping herself. Since customer demand as well as vegetable yield is stochastic, we have to ensure that the amount of vegetables purchased is sufficient.

Team Members

  • Ng Zhen Hao
  • Lim Jun Wei
  • Hoon Wei Ting
  • Matthew Lau Zhi Yuan
  • Zaidy Farid Tang
  • Xie Peining

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