YCH Group is Singapore’s largest home-grown supply chain solutions company. Their operation includes extended supply chain and logistics services such as warehousing and freight management, as well as cargo transportation businesses. Currently, the process of cargo transfer from staging area to storage area (inbound) and the process of cargo transfer from storage area to staging area for delivery (outbound) are carried out separately. This leads to “deadheading”, where workers do not carry any cargo on their return trip, resulting in inefficiency and low productivity. Hence, our project group aims to develop an efficient interleaving algorithm. Our algorithm finds the shortest path for a given inbound job, returning the location of where to store the inbound goods and the corresponding outbound job that the worker needs to complete on his trip out from the warehouse to the staging area.

Team Members

  • Son Soo Han
  • Nicholas Loh
  • Keenan Kuah
  • Wong Jing Yi
  • Dionetta Young
  • Jessica Davinia
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