Sunrise Express Mart is a leading supermarket that serves thousands of happy customers every day. They pride themselves on their exceptional customer service, with a guarantee that the average customer waiting time is only 1 minute or less at their check-out counter. The company has plans to renovate one of its older stores, including a complete redesign of the check-out service area. Sunrise Express Mart would like to use the space efficiently by installing just enough counters to fulfil their guarantee of service. The team is tasked with analysing two weeks of transactions from the store’s current operation, identify periods of high traffic and their effect on KPIs and to recommend the number of service counters to be installed.

Team Members

  • Aashay Chouhan

  • Tan Hui Shin

  • Tan Zi Ning

  • Sean Teo Yong Li

  • Yip Weisheng Ryan

  • Nguyen Hoang Dong

  • Guanbo Shao

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