Changi Airport Group (CAG) oversees the operations within Changi Airport. Responsibilities include establishing robust safety and security measures, creating state-of-the-art facilities and providing excellent customer service. Specifically assigned to collaborate with the Ground Operations Team, our project aims to propose an improved queueing system that can help decrease passenger waiting times and increase throughput rate of taxis at Terminal 1’s taxi stands, via data and statistical analysis. Our team is approaching this project from 3 areas:

  1. Using double factor ANOVA to test for arrival rate distribution
  2. Using DTMC modelling to identify the steady state probabilities of all taxi bays in the queue
  3. Using Little’s Law in evaluating the implementation of a multi queue system at the taxi stand to increase throughput efficiency, as opposed to the current ‘single snake queue’ model.

Team Members

  • Chong Chin Hong

  • Dino Tan

  • Eugene Lian

  • Gan Yu

  • Karan Nair

  • Vanessa Kwok

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