AOX Private Limited is a company that specialises in antioxidant alkaline water dispensers. They are currently looking at dividing Singapore into different regions to temporarily assign technicians to a certain region, to increase overall customer satisfaction.

As such, the team has developed a thorough approach to model the above as a queuing problem to derive (1) the number of regions that Singapore should be divided into, and (2) the number of technicians assigned to each region.

This was achieved by optimally clustering Singapore’s 28 postal districts into 1-10 regions, then modelling each region as an individual queue with its own customer arrival and service rate. The queues were then simulated repeatedly to determine the allocation of regions and technicians which minimised queue lengths.

Team Members

  • Chan Luo Qi

  • Lee En Qi Amanda

  • Soh Jun Hern

  • Tan Yue Han John

  • Wee Jian Hui Kevin

  • Woo Jia Jun

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