Virtual ESD 2D Project Showcase 2021

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It is the Spring of 2021, year 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our adaptable, resilient students continue to navigate through a hybrid cyber-physical world to achieve their objectives. Our Juniors are required to complete a 2D project in this semester as part of the ESD core curriculum. In this project they must connect with a real-world client who faces an operational problem and they must bring the tools of two core courses, Statistics and Manufacturing and Service Operations, to bear on that problem. It is not their first client-facing experience in our curriculum but it is the first time they bear the full weight of the consultant’s role: guiding a project all the way from need identification to problem solution. And the answer is never at the end of the chapter because every problem is different. So if you are looking  to hire creative problem-solvers, systems thinkers who are data smart and operations savvy, come see what our students can do. Take a virtual tour of this year’s 2021 ESD 2D Project Showcase.