The dataset we obtained from IDSC is the sales data from a bread store with three different and independent types of bread products. It covers the sales of the three types from April 2017 to April 2019 roughly. Hence our problem scenario is as follows:

We are the management team of this bread store and we want to maximize the sales profit from the three types of bread in our store. To do so, we need to find the optimal supply/inventory level daily for each bread by minimizing the overage and shortage cost incurred. Additionally, we want to predict the future change in demand for the breads to anticipate potential variations of bread sales.

Team Members

  • Yang Chen Ye
  • Adharsha Sam Edwin Sam Devahi
  • Teo Xuan Ming
  • Solai Lakshmi Priya
  • Andaramanage Charini Amanda Jinadasa
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