Across the world, the COVID-19 vaccination campaigns are predicted to extend up to 7 years due to inefficient and unoptimized vaccination processes. This extends into an exceedingly drawn out campaign before the world is able to return to the pre-COVID normalcy. Our objective is to model and optimize the vaccination procedure in Singapore, so that clinics and hospitals are able to efficiently vaccinate the population smoothly.

By adopting data from the Weill Cornell Bioterrorism and Epidemic Outbreak Response Model (BERM), we calculated various performance metrics such as the patient arrivals and service times, and fitted them into Singapore’s vaccination procedure (with appropriate assumptions) to create our general model. Thereafter, we created an interactive Excel spreadsheet that simulates our designed model, which allows medical staff to flexibly optimize their vaccination operations accordingly.

Team Members

  • Luertthana Arre Anshayar
  • Dody Senputra
  • Suzanne-Kae Rocknathan
  • Hank Ng Zhi Heng
  • Praveen Rajesh
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