Company’s Background and Aim

Integrated Decision Systems Consultancy (IDSC) provided us with a project regarding a Sewage Choke Clearing Service which focuses on the afternoon shift from 1500hrs to 2300hrs. The company aims to have their teams respond to the arrival of feedback within 30mins by optimizing their service.

Plan of Action

We are tasked to analyze their ‘Sewage Choke Clearing Service’ from the point of activation till the choke is cleared and to find the relationship to its responsiveness to the arrival of demand. With the raw data given, we wrangled and analyzed the information required to apply the appropriate queuing models.

Team Members

  • Damian Ong Zhi Sheng
  • Lutfi Nur Hakim Bin Tajuddin
  • Chung Wei Lin
  • Mudzakkir Bin Aziz
  • Sarah Ramjoo
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