Company P provides sewer choke clearing services and they operate 24/7. They have different teams working in 3 different shifts, namely morning, afternoon and night. Provided with the entire 2019 dataset of company P’s sewer choke clearing job details, we review the team allocation set up. Company P aspires to achieve 90% service level of not more than 30 minutes response time.

Using the chi-square goodness of fit test, we confirmed that both the rate at which feedback requesting for choke clearing services and company P’s service time for each shift follow exponential distributions. Using the M/M/s model, we weighed the costs and benefits of changing the team set up and proposed an optimal team set up that will improve company P’s overall service level.

Team Members

  • Chan Yan Ling
  • Nour Samih
  • Christopher Cornelius
  • Ian Tay Rui-Ming
  • Chua Yi Ling
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