Virtual ESD 2D Project Showcase 2022

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Welcome to Engineering Systems and Design 2D Project Showcase for 2022. This year we challenged our students to create online educational games to engage future students in the problems of designing and operating manufacturing and service systems.

Our students rose to the challenge tackling problems such as

  • production line balancing,
  • inventory optimization,
  • revenue management,
  • and queueing system design,

and they demonstrated the application of these concepts to

  • brewery operations,
  • airline check-in procedures,
  • out-patient clinics,
  • food service stalls,
  • grocery stores,
  • in-flight meal services,
  • and multi-stage factory processes.

In each case, they presented the problems in game format so that future players could experience the essential trade-offs in each of these problems and discover for themselves the sweet spot balancing cost efficiency with customer delight.

These projects are a 2-dimensional marriage of our core course in Manufacturing and Service Operations together with the programming and system design skills they learned in Engineering Systems Architecture.

So if you are looking to hire creative problem-solvers, systems thinkers who are data smart and operations savvy, come see what our students can do.