Nuno Ribeiro is an Assistant Professor with the Engineering Systems and Design Pillar at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) teaching undergraduate courses on 40.321 Airport Systems Modeling and Simulation, 40.015 Simulation Modeling and Analysis and 01.400 Capstone

Nuno Ribeiro has received his Ph.D. in Transport Systems from the University of Coimbra (Portugal). During his stints as a Ph.D. student, Nuno also held visiting research positions in MIT and Carnegie Mellon University. In his research, he develops and apply operations research methods (such as optimization, machine learning and simulation) to support the decision-making process in transportation system management. In his PhD dissertation, Nuno has developed a novel decision-making tool for airport schedule coordination. The tool is aimed to support airport slot coordinators to perform demand management interventions at congested airports in a way that reduces imbalances between demand and capacity, while promoting attractive schedules of flights for the airlines and passengers. Nuno’s work has received attention from academia and industry stakeholders reflected in several research awards, such as the Anna Valicek Medal by the AGIFORS in 2018, best the PhD dissertation by INFORMS-AAS in 2019 and the best paper award by INFORMS-AAS in 2020.

Nuno Ribeiro is a principal investigator in the Aviation Studies Institute in SUTD. He is currently working in 3 funded research projects in collaboration with CAAS on “Airfield Management and Economics” ; “Resilient Airspace Operations at Changi Airport” ; “Rapid Evaluation Tools Within the Intelligent Optimisation Platform”.

Post. Doc and Research Assistant Positions

Currently accepting applications for research fellow/research assistant positions in air transportation. Successful candidates will join an active group of Principal Investigators to work within the Aviation Studies Institute of SUTD.

An ideal candidate will have a degree with expertise in one (or) more of the following areas:

  • Operations Research, with familiarity in optimization, and metaheuristics;
  • Computer Science, with a familiarity in design and analysis of algorithms, and possibly in graph theory and social network analysis;
  • Data analytics, with familiarity in predictive and econometric models
  • Simulation and data visualization.

Interested candidates should forward their CV along with the names of two references and a writing sample (journal paper, conference paper, or thesis chapter) to Nuno Ribeiro (

Recent Publications

[1] Jorge, D., Ribeiro, N. A. & Antunes A.P. \Towards a decision-support tool for airport slot allocation: application to Guarulhos (Sao Paulo, Brazil)”. Journal of Air Transport Management, 93, 102048

[2] Ribeiro, N. A., Jacquillat, A.,& Antunes, A. P. (2019). A Large-Scale Neighborhood Search Approach to Airport Slot Allocation. Transportation Science, 53(6), 1772-1797. – Winner of the Best Paper Award, INFORMS, Aviation Applications Section 2020

[3] Ribeiro, N. A., Jacquillat, A., Antunes, A. P., & Odoni, A. (2019). Improving slot allocation at Level 3 airports. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 127, 32-54.

[4] Ribeiro, N. A. Airport capacity management: towards a slot allocation modelling approach compliant with IATA rules. PhD dissertation, University of Coimbra (2019) – Winner of the Best Dissertation Award INFORMS Aviation Applications Section 2019

[5] Ribeiro, N. A., Jacquillat, A., Antunes, A. P., Odoni, A. R., & Pita, J. P. (2018) \An optimization approach for airport slot allocation under IATA guidelines”, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 112, 132-156 – Winner of the Anna Valicek Medal, AGIFORS 2019, and Honourable Mention for Best Student Presentation, INFORMS, Aviation Applications Section 2018

Awards and Honors

  • Winner of the Anna Valicek Award from the Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (AGIFORS) – 2018
  • Honourable Mention, Best Student Presentation Competition, INFORMS Aviation Applications Section – 2017
  • PhD Scholarship, MIT Portugal Program from 2015 to 2019
  • “3% Best Student Award” in academic year 2012/2013, University of Coimbra