The world we are living in is evolving into an Internet of Things (IoT). Physical objects of different kinds are increasingly internetworked together and find their places in the IoT ecosystem. The circle of life (information gathering, processing, decision, and execution) is being completed in a much healthier way in every aspect. Under IoT, wireless networking remains a key technology at the edge. Although the underlying physical layer technologies may change over time, problems such as interference management and performance objectives such as throughput, delay, energy efficiency remain key research issues for IoT applications. In this talk, Professor Hou will review the ecosystem of IoT and describe his group’s efforts on wireless networking research. He will focus on exploiting advanced physical layer technologies to improve throughput performance and discuss challenges and opportunities in modelling and optimisation of new problems in wireless networking. He will use his research on millimetre wave (mWave) based wireless LAN as a case study.

Speaker Bio

Tom Hou is the Bradley Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech, USA. His current research focuses on developing innovative solutions to complex science and engineering problems arising from wireless and mobile networks. He is particularly interested in exploring new performance limits at the network layer by exploiting advances at the physical layer. In recent years, he has been actively working on cross-layer optimisation problems for cognitive radio wireless networks, cooperative communications, MIMO-based ad hoc networks and energy related problems. He is also interested in wireless security. Professor Hou was named an IEEE Fellow for contributions to modelling and optimisation of wireless networks. He has published two textbooks: Cognitive Radio Communications and Networks: Principles and Practices (Academic Press/Elsevier, 2009) and Applied Optimisation Methods for Wireless Networks (Cambridge University Press, 2014). The first book has been selected as one of the Best Readings on Cognitive Radio by the IEEE Communications Society. Professor Hou’s research was recognised by five best paper awards from the IEEE and two paper awards from the ACM. He holds five U.S. patents. Professor Hou is a prominent leader in the research community. He was an Area Editor of IEEE Transaction on Wireless Communications (Wireless Networking area), and an Editor of IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications – Cognitive Radio Series, and IEEE Wireless Communications. Currently, he is an Editor of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks. He is the Steering Committee Chair of IEEE INFOCOM conference – the largest and top ranked conference in networking. He is a member of the Board of Governors as well as a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Communications Society.

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