The recognition of the field of supply chain is fairly recent (late 1980). The field has developed very fast and it is now commonly agreed that mastering supply chain brings a competitive advantage to the company in improving its customer experience when buying the product or service. In today’s globalised world, we are now no longer talking about supply CHAIN but supply NETWORK. This development brings several interesting new problem statements, to name a few:

  • Network optimisation
  • Visibility platforms
  • Risk management
  • Customer behaviour via big data analytics
  • Communication across cultures and fields of expertise.

About the Speaker

Ms Roxane Desmicht is Senior Director, Corporate Supply Chain (CSC) Asia Pacific for Infineon and has been heading the organisation since 2012. The CSC organisation encompasses functions along the whole Infineon supply chain with either a regional focus like warehousing or a global focus like product planning. Ms Desmicht is currently spearheading a ‘Smart Enterprise’ program for Infineon Singapore, leveraging on the various Industrie 4.0 elements her organisation is hosting. Ms Desmicht sits in the advisory committees of SUTD Engineering System Design pillar and NUS Industrial System Engineering faculty. She is also Director of the Board for the Green Freight Asia association. Ms Desmicht has an Executive MBA at the China European International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai and a Master in Material Science. She started her career as Product Engineer/ Program Manager within the Thales group, worked a few years in Altis Semiconductor as Front End Yield Manager. She then worked as a Supply Chain Director for Infineon China for several years.