Supply Chain 4.0 and Supply Chain Control Tower

March 21, 2023 06:30 PM Singapore (Registration will open at 06:00 PM.)


Greater uncertainty in global trade flows and black swan events, such as COVID-19, have increasingly challenged the current supply chain business model. Digital technologies have been recognized as a key enabler for enabling resilient and responsive supply chains. In this seminar, the speaker will share about the ongoing research program Supply Chain 4.0, which aims to research and co-develop digital and automation technologies with industry members to enable responsive, resilient and secured supply chain management processes to prepare company for the ever volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) global supply chain environment. Details of the three research themes will be shared, which include Supply Chain Connectivity, Data-Driven Optimization and Smart Warehouse Automation for next generation logistics.

About the Speaker

Dr Yang Shanshan, Principal Investigator, Supply Chain 4.0 program, A*STAR

Dr Yang Shanshan is the Principal Investigator of the Supply Chain 4.0 program, at A*STAR. Her research area focuses on data-driven sustainability, supply chain planning and execution, strategy planning for product End-of-Life management and Life Cycle Assessment. She is currently leading and working on developing platform solutions for connecting manufacturing, logistics, customer and end-of-life stakeholders for improved supply chain optimization, sustainability evaluation and decarbonization.

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Yang Shanshan (A*STAR) - Supply Chain 4.0 and Supply Chain Control Tower