I have received a Diploma (2003) in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics at the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics (mech-mat), Moscow State University, Russia. Later I obtained my PhD in 2010 in Applied Mathematics at Brown University, US, where I worked with Prof David Mumford. In 2010-2012 I worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Computational Functional Anatomy Lab, Department of Bioengineering, National University of Singapore.

Research Interests

  • Computational Anatomy
  • Pattern Theory
  • Computer Vision
  • Mathematical Representation of Shapes
  • Nonlinear Optimisation.


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    Experimental Mathematics, Volume 18, Number 3 / 2009.
  • Sergey Kushnarev, Akil Narayan “Approximating the Weil-Petersson metric geodesics on the Universal Teichmüller space by singular solutions.”
    Accepted to SIAM Journal on Imaging Science.
  • Jia Dua, Alvina Goh, Sergey Kushnarev, Anqi Qiu “Geodesic Regression on Orientation Distribution Functions with its Application to an Aging Study”. Accepted to NeuroImage.