16 years ago, Aaron’s mother bought him his first PC, a Cyrix 586MX. From then on, there were many sleepless nights in his life.

His friends describe him as a person that cannot live without his computers, but in reality, he is a family man with 3 kids and only one wife, with which serves as his inspiration.

He finished his degree by engaging on any jobs he could have, from serving foods and liquor to driving a passenger tricycle, to support his studies as well as his family.

His IT career started late 2000 from repairing desktop computers to simple coding. He started teaching computer related subjects just before he finished his degree. During this time, he was also employed to manage team of developers before deciding his luck abroad.

He started his IT career abroad as an analyst programmer up to technical project manager before joining SUTD.

He has background in both programming, systems and network administration, as well as hardware computer systems.

He is also a Certified Red Had Systems Administrator (RHCSA)

During his free time, he engage in his other side of interest, which is photography.