Encompassing a broad range of offerings, financial services play a pivotal role in facilitating transactions, managing risks, and supporting economic growth. Constant innovation and adaptability characterize this industry.


Bikramjit Das

Associate Professor and Associate Head of Pillar (Graduate Programme)
PhD, Cornell University

Karthyek Murthy

Assistant Professor
PhD, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Douglas Streeter Rolph

Senior Lecturer
PhD, University of Washington


INFORMS Applied Probability Society Best Publication Award2023, Karthyek Murthy, INFORMS Applied Probability Best Publication Award

INFORMS Junior Faculty Forum (JFIG) Best Paper competition, Third place2021, Karthyek Murthy, INFORMS Junior Faculty Interest Group

Elected Fellow of International Statistical Association2020, Bikramjit Das, International Statistical Association

Chair, East-Asian and Pacific Regional Committee, Bernoulli Society (2020-2022)2020, Bikramjit Das, Bernoulli Society


Towards Co-clustering in Big Data: An Optimization PerspectiveSep 2022, Meixia Lin, (PI), SUTD Kickstarter Initiative (SKI) Grant, 3 years, $0.47M

Data-driven Modeling for Risk-averse Analytics and Reliable OperationsOct 2020, Karthyek Murthy, (PI), Ministry of Education Tier 2 Academic Research Funding, 3 years, $0.8M


Systemic Risk in Financial Networks: The Effects of Asymptotic Independence2023, Bikramjit Das, Under review (Finance and Stochastics)B. Das and V. Fasen-Hartmann [Publication Link]

Inference for Heavy-Tailed Data with Gaussian Dependence2023, Bikramjit Das, Under review (Econometrics and Statistics)B. Das [Publication Link]

Aggregating Heavy-tailed Random Vectors: from Finite Sums to Levy Processess2023, Bikramjit Das, Under review (Annales de l'institut Henri Poincaré Probabilités et Statistiques)B. Das and V. Fasen-Hartmann [Publication Link]

On Heavy-tailed Risks under Gaussian Copula: The Effects of Marginal Transformation2023, Bikramjit Das, Under review (Journal of Multivariate Analysis)B. Das and V. Fasen-Hartmann [Publication Link]

Achieving Efficiency in Black-box Simulation of Distribution Tails with Self-structuring Importance Samplers2023, Karthyek Murthy, Operations ResearchA. Deo, K. MurthyIn press [Publication Link]

Importance Sampling for Minimization of Tail Risks: A tutorial2023, Karthyek Murthy, Winter Simulation ConferenceA. Deo, K. MurthyIn press 

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