Information Systems and Computer Networks are the backbone of our connected world, managing computer-based technologies and enabling seamless communication. The integration facilitates efficient resource allocation, enhancing global productivity and innovation. These fields play a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape, supporting services like wireless communications, cloud computing and cybersecurity.


Lingjie Duan

Associate Professor and Associate Head of Pillar (Research)
PhD, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Lin Meixia

Meixia Lin

Assistant Professor
PhD, National University of Singapore

Rakesh Nagi

Rakesh Nagi

Professor and Head of Pillar
PhD, University of Maryland

Georgios Piliouras

Associate Professor
PhD, Cornell University

Antonios Varvitsiotis

Assistant Professor
PhD, Dutch National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI)

James Wan

Senior Lecturer
PhD, University of Newcastle, Australia


IISE David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award2022, Rakesh Nagi, Institute of Industrial Systems & Engineers

Top 2% Scientists2021, Lingjie Duan, Stanford University

INFORMS Koopman Award from Military Application Society2021, Rakesh Nagi, INFORMS

DARPA Graph Challenge (Sparse Deep Neural Network), Champion2020, Rakesh Nagi, MIT

DARPA Graph Challenge, Honorable Mention2019, Rakesh Nagi, MIT

DARPA Graph Challenge, Innovation Award2019, Rakesh Nagi, MIT

INFORMS Koopman Award from Military Application Society2018, Rakesh Nagi, INFORMS

DARPA Graph Challenge, Finalist2018, Rakesh Nagi, MIT

DARPA Graph Challenge, Innovation Award2018, Rakesh Nagi, MIT

SUTD Excellence in Research Award2017, Lingjie Duan, SUTD

DARPA Graph Challenge, Honorable Mention2017, Rakesh Nagi, MIT

10th Asia-Pacific Outstanding Young Researcher Award2015, Lingjie Duan, IEEE Communications Society

Hong Kong Young Scientist Award (Finalist in Engineering Science)2014, Lingjie Duan, Hong Kong Institution of Science

IIE Fellow Award, the Institute of Industrial Engineers2010, Rakesh Nagi, Institute of Industrial Systems & Engineers

University at Buffalo’s Sustained Achievement Award2009, Rakesh Nagi, University at Buffalo

Promising Inventor Award, SUNY/RF2004, Rakesh Nagi, The State University of New York

Buffalo Business First’s 40 under 40 award2004, Rakesh Nagi, Buffalo Business First

IIE’s Outstanding Young Industrial Engineer Award in Academia1999, Rakesh Nagi, Institute of Industrial Systems & Engineers

National Science Foundation’s CAREER Award1996, Rakesh Nagi, National Science Foundation


Privacy-protected AI Methods for Restricted Surveillance of Mobile CommunicationsNov 2023, Lingjie Duan, (PI), SUTD Kickstarter Initiative (SKI) Grant, 3 years, $0.5M

Dynamic Crowdsourcing Mechanisms for Decarbonising Urban Passenger Transportation and Package DeliveryOct 2023, Lingjie Duan, (PI), Joint SMU-SUTD Grant, 2 years, $0.3M

Quasispecies Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 via Non-convex Tensor CompletionSep 2023, Meixia Lin, (PI), Temasek Labs@SUTD, 1 year, $0.1M

Fast Learning And Channel Hopping For Anti-Jamming DefenseJun 2023, Lingjie Duan, (PI), DSO National Laboratories, 1 year, $0.25M

Hybrid AI/ML-Optimization Approaches to Cloud Native Workflow Scheduling,” IBM-Illinois Discovery Accelerator InstituteJan 2023, Rakesh Nagi, IBM-Illinois Discovery Accelerator Institute

Towards Co-clustering in Big Data: An Optimization PerspectiveSep 2022, Meixia Lin, (PI), SUTD Kickstarter Initiative (SKI) Grant, 3 years, $0.47M

Building Proposal Development Evaluation with Artificial IntelligenceSep 2022, Antonios Varvitsiotis, (co-PI), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), 3 years

To Motivate Human-in-the-loop Learning of Complex Traffic NetworksMar 2022, Lingjie Duan, (PI), MOE AcRF Tier 2 Grant, 3 years, $0.7M

Computer Science Approaches to Quantum Computing for FinanceMar 2022, Antonios Varvitsiotis, (co-PI), Quantum Engineering Programme (QEP) 2.0, 3 years

Towards Collaborative and Holistic Testing for Open RAN SolutionsMar 2021, Lingjie Duan, (co-PI), SUTD Kickstarter Initiative (SKI) Grant, 3 years, $0.5M

Analysis of Optimization Algorithms Using Sum of SquaresOct 2020, Antonios Varvitsiotis, (PI), SUTD, 3 years

Adaptive Learning for Interactive Agents and SystemsApr 2020, Antonios Varvitsiotis, (co-PI), ANR-NRF, 3 years

Learning from Common Connections in Social NetworksJun 2018, Bikramjit Das, (PI), MOE Tier 2 Grant, 3 years, $0.40M


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