Senior Research Assistant


Pillar / Cluster: Engineering Systems and Design

Biography and Personal Statement

As an Urban Engineer, Anthony Meijer bridges the fields of technology, design and urbanism. He works as a researcher at the Engineering Systems & Design (ESD) group. He focuses on systems engineering, sustainable design, and digital technology (AI, Web 3.0).

He is interested in developing sustainability and decarbonization pathways, using interdisciplinary methodologies, systems and design-thinking to leverage impact on society, business and the environment.

His interdisciplinary background in engineering and urbanism helps him navigate diverse fields of expertise, and create effective insights to tackle these metropolitan challenges.


  • MSc in Metropolitan Analysis, Design & Engineering (Joint-Program); Faculty of Architecture and the Built
    Environment; Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands); Amsterdam (AMS Institute); 2019.
  • MSc in Metropolitan Analysis, Design & Engineering (Joint-Program); Department of Environmental Policy;
    Wageningen University & Research; Amsterdam (AMS Institute); 2019.
  • Exchange Seminar; Smart Water and Mobility in Sydney’s Central Business District; University of Technology
    Sydney. Funded by Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions; 2018.
  • BSc in Civil Engineering; HZ University of Applied Sciences, Vlissingen; 2018

Research Interest

  • Engineering Systems
  • Urban Planning
  • Digital Technology (Web 3.0, AI, Machine Learning)
  • Design (Concept, prototype)
  • Serious Gaming
  • Entrepreneurship


Best Young Scientist Award (first runner) at Asia-Pacific Marine Hydrodynamics conference (2016), for the paper “Sustainable Coastal Protection in Vietnam: An Integrated Coastal Zone Management approach”. Awarded on behalf of the Institute of Mechanics (Prof. Dr Sc. Duong Ngoc Hai).

Selected Publications

  • Meijer, A. W. V., & Arora, M. (Ongoing). Potentials for urban resource management and circular economy strategies in Singapore: Material stocks and flows for buildings and roads. .
  • Meijer, A. W. V., & Kool, R. P. (2016). Sustainable coastal protection in Vietnam: A comprehensive ICZM approach. 6. In 2016 Asia-Pacific Marine Hydrodynamics conference


  • Traveling and exploring cultures through their cuisine.
  • Sports enthusiast. Usually on the move (swimming and running).
  • Cooking. I’ve also got to work as a freelance cook in hotels and restaurants.
  • Arts in general. I do try to bring in my contribution as a drummer ;-)
  • Sailing to wind out of the bustling cities.