Post Doc Research Fellow


Pillar / Cluster: Engineering Systems and Design


Stephen joined ESD in December 2014, working at the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre. His work continues research into Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), stochastic modelling, uncertainty quantification, and design for environment in industrial ecology. Specific case studies include the use-phase of product life cycles in automobiles and building cooling systems.

Coming from a background in natural ecology, Stephen had previously spent five years working at the SRUC Dairy Research and Innovation Centre in Dumfries, UK. Research topics included LCA and modelling greenhouse gases in agriculture, genotype x environment interactions under experimental farming systems, application of a lazer methane detector in livestock, and measurement of nitrous oxide fluxes from grassland.

In his spare time, Stephen’s interests include cycling, playing guitars, rugby, and hiking in the beautiful mountains of his native Scotland.


  • PhD – Biology and Environmental Sustainability, University of Edinburgh (UK) 2014
  • MA (Hons) Environmental Sustainability, University of Glasgow (UK) 2009
  • BSc – Chemistry and Earth Sciences, University of Edinburgh (UK) 2004

Research Interests

  • Life Cycle Assessment, Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification
  • Environmental Sustainability and Industrial Ecology
  • Climate Change and modelling of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Applied Ecology and Conservation


  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, SUTD-MIT International Design Centre (Singapore) 2014 – present
  • Postdoctoral Research Assistant, SRUC Dairy Research and Innovation Centre, Dumfries (UK) 2013 – 2014
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Glasgow (UK) 2009 – 2014
  • Postgraduate Research Student, SRUC Dairy Research and Innovation Centre, Dumfries, and the University of Edinburgh (UK) 2009 – 2013
  • Conservation Assistant, Dumfries and Galloway Ranger Service (UK) 2009

Recent Publications

  1. Ross, S.A., Chagunda, M.G.G., Topp, C.F.E. & Ennos, R.A. (2014) Effect of cattle genotype and feeding regime on greenhouse gas emissions intensity in high producing dairy cows. Livestock Science 170:158-171
  2. Ross, S.A., Chagunda, M.G.G., Topp, C.F.E. & Ennos, R.A. (2014) Biological efficiency profiles over lactation in high producing dairy cows under divergent production systems. Archives of Animal Breeding – manuscript under peer review
  3. Ross, S.A., Chagunda, M.G.G., Topp, C.F.E. & Ennos, R.A. (2014) Relative emissions intensity of high producing dairy production systems:  do functional units matter? British Society of Animal Science –  manuscript under peer review
  4. Ross, S.A., Chagunda, M.G.G., Topp, C.F.E. & Ennos, R.A. (2014) Breeding, feeding and management to reduce the emissions intensity of dairy production. (RPC RB 2014-06) Rural Policy Centre Research Briefing, produced for Scottish Government, March 2014
  5. Ross, S.A., Chagunda, M.G.G., Topp, C.F.E. and Ennos, R.A. (2013) Effect of forage regime and cattle genotype on the global warming potential of dairy production systems. In: Hassouna, M. and Guingand, N. (Eds) Emissions of gas and dust from livestock pp 431-434. IFIP, Springer