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Collaborative Opportunities

In ESD, we engage actively with industry to ensure the relevance of our programmes, and contribute to industry needs, such as providing expertise and building the talent pool. Our students are trained from Day One to tackle sophisticated real-world challenges, which will nurture them into innovative and technically-grounded professionals. A major part of their training is founded on industry collaboration with our trusted partners. Our goal is to connect you with ESD’s expertise and talents, through channels tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Commission A Project

We welcome companies to commission three-month long course projects for our students.  These projects are crucial tests of every ESD student’s ability to put theory into practice. By commissioning a project, the company will oversee students with multi-disciplinary capabilities in their process of solving existing problems or innovating alternatives.

Projects are needed every semester and can cover topics such as data analytics, optimisation, process analysis/improvement and predictive modelling. We are happy to work with companies on specific Non-Disclosure Agreement and Intellectual Property arrangements.

The 40.011 Data and Business Analytics course commences in January every year. If you would like to propose a project for this course, please let us know in the ‘Contact Us’ section below. We will respond to you once we have received your submission.

Conduct A Seminar

We welcome senior executives from various fields to share their vision and wealth of expertise at our Industry Leaders Seminars series. These seminars are attended by our students, researchers and faculty members. They aim to inspire talented students to consider pursuing a career in the respective sectors. Through these seminars, our students learn about the latest developments in the industry and discover possible career pathways.

Deliver A Lecture

We welcome speakers with proven expertise to deliver in-class guest lectures that supplement our rigorous curriculum. Through these lectures, the speaker will be able to engage with our students personally by sharing real-world insights, broadening their perspectives of their curriculum content and enlivening the classroom with different points of view in the process.

Host A Field Trip

We welcome companies to host our students on field trips and site visits to provide a better understanding of and appreciation for the organisation. By hosting trips, the company will be able to share about their operations, work culture and environment to the right candidates with the interest and technical know-how to join the workforce after graduation. Such trips help to reinforce students’ classroom learning by offering practical insights through observing real-world system engineering challenges.

Participate In Internships

We welcome companies to offer undergraduate internships for our students. The 16-week internship programme takes place each year in two separate terms: (a) summer term, from May to August and (b) autumn term, from September to December. If you are keen to evaluate our students’ potential and build your pipeline of future full-time employees, please let us know in the ‘Contact Us’ section below.

Participate In Capstone Projects

We welcome companies to join our capstone programme by providing 8-month long capstone projects that will commence from September through April. Such projects bring together students from different pillars to work in design teams, contributing their respective expertise and skills to solve real-world challenges. Capstone projects also provide students with a realistic design situation where projects usually span multiple disciplines and require team-based efforts to create a solution. Working in teams of 5 to 7 students, the final-year undergraduate students will learn to apply the principles, concepts, techniques that they have learnt to investigate technical and business challenges faced by companies.

Contact Us !

Send us a message for enquiries or to find out more about any of the above industry collaboration opportunities.