Simulation Modelling and Analysis
Course Project Showcase 2020

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Welcome to the ESD Simulation Modeling and Analysis Showcase. By now, you understand that we can analyze and optimize existing systems by studying the data we collect from those systems. But what about systems that exist only in our imagination: systems that haven’t been built yet, systems that we are in the process of designing? How can we tell whether one system design will be better than another? From where we will get the data to make those comparisons? The answer is that we will SIMULATE the behavior of those dynamical systems and use the data from the simulations to compare the performance of alternative designs. There are many simulation paradigms to choose from and so in this showcase you may find examples of system dynamics, discrete-event simulation, agent-based simulation, process simulation or Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation. Our ESD students choose the tool that best fits the system they are designing. So, come step into the world of dynamical system simulation and see what our students can imagine and analyze.